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Office Address  

Office 1

Africa Avenue 

Dabi Complex

5th Floor

Telephone  +251 116 189 557,

Fax +251 116 632 826,

Pobox 1884

Addis Ababa


Office 2

Telephone  +251 115 505 040

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Pobox 1884

Addis Ababa


Assurance Services


Mergers and Acquisitions


Our firm has experience in all types of financial transactions and is better able to advise its existing and potential clients in ways they do better deals and create value through mergers, acquisitions, disposals and restructuring.


Due Diligence

Due diligence is the process by which confidential legal and financial information are exchanged after significant review and appraisal by the parties to a merger, acquisition or substantial asset transfer. Alternatively, it is the caution the company should take before entering into an agreement or a transaction with another party and requires continuous force to ensure all financial records and relevant information are reviewed, analyzed and verified in a professional manner. It should facilitate the relevant parties to understand fully the business of the target company and to identify and address any material areas of concern.


Business Valuations

The need for transparent and robust valuations to support corporate transactions and to meet regulatory and accounting requirements has increased in the modern business world. But justifying the value of assets and liabilities has grown more complex and critical for most businesses.


Forensic and Fraud Investigations

If you observe fraud or questionable activity related to fraud in your business, you must act quickly in order to avoid loss of a huge percentage of revenue or it may end up in a no recoverable situation.


Business Restructuring

Notwithstanding the reasons that lie at the cause of challenges an organization faces, the following symptoms indicate that a situation exists where our knowledge may be of useful to you.


Agreed Upon Procedures, Reviews and Compilations

Our Audit and Assurance Practices adhere not only to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Standards on Audit and Quality Control (ISA), but also pursue our own internal guidelines relating to the planning, preparation methods, data-handling and delivery to the client. We use manuals and guidelines in order to perform our duties.


Liquidation/ De-registration Services

We provide liquidation services for all entities – limited liability companies, such as share companies, private limited companies, branch offices of overseas companies in the country. We also assist in the preparation of Board resolution, power of attorney, audit report, liquidator’s statement etc., which are mandatory documents required for liquidation by the Commercial Code of Ethiopia. We also provide company deregistration services.

External Audit

Our audit approach assimilates rigorous standards of professional independence and objectivity, with a methodology that emphases on crucial risk areas and co-ordinates together our technical skill and practical knowledge commensurate with detailed knowledge of clients’ organization and the financial Read More

Internal Audit

We offer the entire range of audit and assurance services to meet clients’ business needs. We are registered auditors by the Office of the Federal Auditor General, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and Addis Ababa City Administration Trade and Industrial Development Bureau to carry out audits services Read More

Accounting & Business Advisory

By engaging in accounting work we provide service to clients enabling them to significantly reduce the administrative burden and exuberant financial costs incurred. This arrangement benefits our partners to concentrate on core risk areas of their businesses which Read More

Payroll Services

Outsourcing payroll processing offers phenomenal advantages to the corporate sector.  We offer comprehensive payroll services whether: -

  • The clients’ organizations have 1 or 1000 employees,
  • The Payroll is complex or simple and
  • The client has one or several branches/ offices. Read More