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Information System Audit and Risk Management


Many companies spend large amounts of money on IT Systems, based on the understanding that it brings to them tremendous benefits to their operations and services. However, at the outset, the management of these companies needs to ensure that their IT Systems are reliable and secure since they soon become obsolete in the fast changing business and technology.


IT Audit is important, as it gives assurance, that the systems are adequately protected, it provides reliable information to the users and properly managed to provide the intended benefits to the overall organizational growth.


Our approach on the IT Audit will confirm, the IT controls designed within the application to prevent or detect unauthorized transactions and support financial objectives including completeness, accuracy, authorization and existence of transactions. 


We provide IT Audit services, on a risk-based methodology to protect

  • Confidentiality,
  • Integrity and
  • Availability of necessary information on time.

We are at your disposal to assist you on the following type of audits


The Objectives

  • IT Audit on financial statements; evaluating the reliability and accuracy of data from IT systems, having impact on the financial statements of the companies.
  • IT audit on compliance; ascertaining the level of compliance with: -

i.Applicable laws,

ii.IT policies and procedures and

iii.IT Controls and business continuity.

  • IT audit on performance which includes verifying; for instances determination of excess outlay of money, inefficiency and wastage in the use and management of IT Systems


Our Methodology

  • Requirement Study and Situation Analysis,
  • Planning,
  • Document Review and
  • Risk Identification and reporting.
External Audit

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Internal Audit

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Accounting & Business Advisory

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Payroll Services

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