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5th Floor

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Internal Audit and Control System Reviews


Managements today requires experienced internal auditors to address concerns in risk management, internal control environment assessments, process improvements; enterprise risk management (ERM) programs and regulatory compliances. Our experienced internal auditors are equipped to answer your regular queries and question which relate to accounting system such as: -


  • Is the accounting system capable of recording financial transactions in a prompt and accurate manner?
  • Is the accounting system capable of tracking expenditure by project, category, component, class, nature, etc.?
  • Is the accounting system capable of comparing actual expenditure to budget and if so, have adequate explanations been secured for variances?
  • Is there any chance of risk due to fraud?
  • Are assets properly recorded and safeguarded from misuse, abuses and other risks?


Our Methodology

  • Analyzing key processes, procedures and operation of the client,
  • Identifying key controls in each such operation, procedure and process,
  • Evaluating the adequacy of these controls,
  • Testing compliance of sample transactions against the above control criteria,
  • Reporting results of the evaluation of controls and testing of transactions,
  • Recommending procedures to strengthen internal controls, 
  • Suggesting methods to improve compliance with key controls and regulations and
  • Follow up of action taken on recommendations made in previous reports. 


Services include:

  • Advising management team to develop practical internal controls that enhance to the control environment.
  • Providing advice on how to implement an effective and secured internal control environment.
  • Advising how to manage core operational risk, especially those related to the reliability of business operations.
  • Assisting with linking operational strategies and risk performance measures to business goals.
  • Assisting with change management and business awareness processes by helping make the transition from existing practices to more efficient and focused.
  • Approaches through training and assisting of staff in the development of new skills specific to their jobs.
  • Evaluating the key structures, dynamics and processes required to reinforce effective corporate governance.


What we offer

  • Complete internal audit outsourcing,
  • Partial internal audit outsourcing,
  • Staff sharing basis ( supervisory and execution) and
  • Internal control system study and evaluation.
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